Paypal air tv spots in Italy for the first time

Paypal, the leader company for online e-commerce solutions, has begun to air tv spots for the very first time in Italy. The ads will air in France and Spain too.

Operating in Italy since 2007, Paypal invested for the first time in a tv spot aimed to appeal new customers, showing some funny situations were a man struggles to buy online in mobility because he must enter his credit card details in public.

This is the core of the Paypal ad campain, because with a simple account you can buy online, everywhere you are, without entering a single digit of your card, and if you got a fingerprint scanner equipped smartphone, you don’t even need to enter a password to checkout.

This implies a whole new level of security and customer satisfaction.

The ad will go on air in daytime and nighttime of the most important Italian TV channels, like Mediaset, Rai, La7, MTV, Discovery and Sky, in 45, 30 and 10 seconds format.