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PS9235 and PS10076: two measures that will change e-commerce

If we say PS9235 and PS10076 for the most would mean nothing, but their content will change the way we will buy online.

As noted by HT&T, The Italian Competition Authority (AGCM) sanctioned two airline company, Norwegian Air and Blue Air, because they charge on customers additional expenses if they buy with particular conditions.
AGCM said that they didn’t respect the 2011/83/UE directive that impose no additional costs to customers when they buy online with some credit cards, wallets (for example, Paypal), money transfer or cash on delivery, as specified on the section 62 of the Consumer Code.

The sanction opens various scenarios, because starting today, anyone can do a simple report to start an investigation and maybe bring to a sanction.

Credit cards commissions could be easily absorbed by online shops, but cash on delivery expenses can be a problem, given their cost and the high probability to have the goods sent back to the shop, so this method of payment can disappear soon.

PS9235 and PS10076 are two measures that brings good news to the customers and all the online stores that are honest and clear listing final prices on their catalogs.

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