Smart City

Smart City is a project in which STK Europe is involved. The aim of Smart City is to develop a powerful global network of knowledge-based townships, allowing enterprises the access to a variety of important global markets.

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Malta Prime Minister visit in Smart City

Smart City Malta - STK EUROPE

This project already developed in other parts of the world, is successful and well organized.

Smart City Malta - STK EUROPE

Thanks to his position in the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta has been chosen to become a gateway between the European Market and the North African one focusing on a knowledge based system.
The project involves 360 thousand mq in the city of Kalkara that will become a real technological park.

Smart City Malta - STK EUROPE

The mission is to transform the economy of the island on an unique environment: a knowledge based economy. The aim is to develop two areas, the Regional ICT Cluster (for IT and high tech companies) and the Media Capital (main area of the medium local companies).
The project also wants to elevate the lifestyle: great green areas to relax, shops, restaurants and much more.